Hot Confrontation

Written by: Alexcu46

Kathy and I met while working for the same company a few years back.  We always had some kind of connection and there was always some sexual tensions between us.  For the first year of working together we were in separate relationships with other people until each of us broke up with our partners.  It was about a month or two since we were both single that our manager assigned us to a project abroad with a large team of 12 people.  Part of the project included a two week trip.  During the trip we had dinner and drank lots of wine and had lots of fun.  Both of us we became real close and talked a lot more than with other people.  The whole time people were commenting and joking that we should hookup, everyone was messing with us, but it had an impact on us.

One night, after long working hours a handful of us walked to the bar of the hotel and had drinks for a couple of hours.  After that we all went to our own rooms.  I couldn’t stop thinking of Kathy and after a few moments of been in my room my mobile rang.  It was her, she called me asking for help with her computer to finish a report for next morning and she wanted me to come over her room, I agreed.

When I got to her room, she smiled at me and welcomed me I noticed her computer was open and turned on by the desk.  She seemed nervous and I was too.  We sat at the small round table in the corner of her hotel room.  For a moment I really thought she needed help, but after sitting by the table she began to talk.  She told me how much she liked me and how much she’s been thinking of my the entire time.  I shared the same with her and told her how much I wanted to kiss her and hold her in my arms.  At that moment she asked me what I was waiting for.  So I kissed her soft lips, it was great feel to kiss that woman I always found attractive.

We kissed for a while and finally got up and walked to the bed.  At that moment, Kathy showed me signs of her wild side.  She began to undress me, first she took of my shirt and then she opened my pants and kneel down to give me a blow job.  She took my cock on her hand and began to lick it slowly and getting it harder.  Once I was really hard, she began to lick my balls while squeezing stroking my cock.  I was very surprise how this such cute girl started to do very nasty things.  She kept sucking my balls and my cock and kept them real wet.  Then asked me to sit on the bed and continue to blow me for a while longer until she knew I was really horny.  All this time I was very surprise how well she was sucking my cock and licking my balls.  During this time she wouldn’t let me touch her.  She told later she wanted me to get really horny first before letting me fuck her.  Well it worked!  I wanted her so much that first time I still get hard thinking about it.

When she stop blowing me she stood in front of me and began to undress, she had a beautiful sexy slim body and she was wearing some cute sexy braw and under panties. She left those for me to remove.  I took her braw off and her 36 B size tits came down on my hands.  Then she sat on top of me and began to ride me with her panties still on.  I suck her tits all over my face while she kissed my shoulders.  I finally couldn’t help it and rolled both of us over in bed.  Finally I was on top and in control, so I went down on her.  I started to kiss her down her waist until I was in front of her pussy.  Before taking her panties off, I spread her legs open and started to kiss her around her inner tights and bite slowing her pussy with her panties on.  I wanted her to also get horny and desire get fucked by my cock.  After a couple of minutes, I slowly moved her panties to the side and exposed her clean shaved pussy and began to lick it slowly.

I started to play with her clit with my tongue and get her pussy wet.  After a while I removed her panties off and continue to eat her.  She began to move her hips more and more, so I started  finger her, first with one an soon after using two fingers while eating her clit.  I was trying to make sure my finger will rub against her g spot and not long after, she was having her first orgasm.  Hearing her moan and feel her body tens turned me even more, my dick was so hard and wanted to fuck her.  So right at the moment when she was having an orgasm I decided to penetrate her.  We did not use any protection then so we were able to feel each other real good.  When she felt my hard thick dick in side her I could tell she wanted me to fuck her hard, so I did.  I began to fuck her hard and fast and kiss her neck very passionately while she kissed me and scratched my back.  It was very wild sex we had that night.  After a while, she had another orgasm and I started to fuck her even harder, but dip this time at a slower pace so she can feel me all the way in.  After her orgasm, she went on top to ride me.  We were both sweating and her pussy was really wet I wanted to eat her, but she wanted to ride me.  I knew she was still very horny.  She took my dick on her hand and put it by her pussy and slide it in and began to fuck me hard for a few more minutes, until she had another orgasm.  At that point I pulled out and quickly used my arms to push her up my chest and started to lick her pussy and finger her pussy.  She was screaming hard and yelling “Fuck Me”, “Fuck Me” over and over.

Then we moved into doggy position, I could see her pussy and ass right in front of me.  Right before penetrating her I licked her ass for a few moments, she moaned slowly.  I took my dick and put it close to her pussy and slided in her.  Her pussy was so tight I could feel her wet pussy on my hard thick cock.  My hands were all over her breasts, hips and clit.  I was so horny and I wanted her so much.  I began to fuck her faster and faster, harder and harder until I began to yell at her “i am cumming”, “i am cumming” and at that moment she began to yell “Fuck me”, “Fuck me”, “come in my month” she said.  I immediately pull my dick out her pussy, she turned and took my load in her mouth.  She took my dick on her hands and began to stroke it really tight in her mouth.  She became surprise that I could shoot substantial semen because she had to swallow most of it and the rest dripped on her breasts.

After I finish coming, she began to clean my dick with her mouth and used her finger to clean some of the cum off her breast and into her mouth.  I was again really surprise how hot, nasty that cute girl I known really was and it turned me on a lot.  After that, we lay in bed for a while kissing touching each other and talking.  After a while, we turned of the lights and continue to had a few more times sex the whole night.

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