Pleasing Your Man in Bed the Right Way

If you’ve always found it hard to please your partner in bed, we’re here to help you out. This is the only guide you’ll need because it contains the simplest — but most effective — tips and tricks you can use. We guarantee that your partner will be blown away by how good of a job you’re doing. So let’s explore how to please your man in bed the right way.

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You know how great it feels when your partner is all over you. So now it’s time to do the same for him. You know he deserves it. It’s not all about penetrative sex or oral. Instead, get creative and explore his entire body. Who says men don’t like their nipples sucked? If your partner is one of those people, we assure you that’s only because he’s never had anybody do that to him before. This is your time to shine.

All you need to do is stimulate his nerve endings. It doesn’t mean you should just suck his nipples because there are multiple things to try. For starters, you can just caress his entire body and pay attention to his reactions. Once he lets you know what feels good, you’ll know what to focus on. Everything that follows will be a breeze, and he’ll be in for playtime he will never forget.

Grab His Behind

Similarly to playing with your man’s nipples, it’s time to give his butt a bit (or a lot) of attention. Men usually steer clear from any kind of butt play, so it’s on you to show him how good it feels. Maybe he’ll finally understand why you ask him to grab your butt all the time. However, there’s so much more than just squishing the two cushions.


Once you have your hands on his butt, you’re more in control of what’s going on. If you’re not really vocal, this is the perfect way to let him know if you want him to go faster. Simply put, you’ll be in control of his thrusting speed and motions, and we bet he’ll love that you’re taking the initiative.


On the other hand, squeezing will allow you to pull on the skin with a lot of nerve endings, and that’s stimulation in itself. Once he’s more comfortable with the “butt stuff,” you could progress to other things, such as stimulating his anus during penetrative sex. He doesn’t know it yet, but we guarantee that he’ll lose his mind over it.

Add Moisture

Don’t let a little wetness scare you, no matter where it’s coming from. All kinds of sex require lubrication, and that rings true for some forms of foreplay too. Everything just feels better when things aren’t dry. So it doesn’t matter if you’re in for oral, penetrative sex, or simple foreplay, always ensure that wetness is coming from somewhere. If you don’t have lube nearby, that’s perfectly fine too. Spit might be a bit off-putting for some people, but it’s the best lubricant you have at any time, and it will help with any kind of sex idea you have.


We all know how important lubricant is when it comes to penetrative sex. When we’re talking about oral, it’s only natural that lubrication exists. However, if you’re just giving him a hand job, things can be pretty dry. That’s why you should ensure to add moisture because dry hand jobs never make anyone feel good. What’s more, they can be quite painful if done completely wrong.

Express Yourself

This is not the time to be shy. Plenty of people find being vocal awkward. However, you should definitely get used to expressing your wants and needs. Not only will you and your partner be able to please each other better, but you’ll know if you’re doing a good job too.


People aren’t mind-readers. On top of that, you can’t expect your partner to figure out your body language every single time. Don’t get us wrong — you don’t have to express yourself seductively or even moan if you don’t want to. All you need to do is give your partner some words of encouragement and tell him if he’s doing a good job.


If not, that’s okay too. You can always guide him by telling him to go faster, slower, or however else you want him to. Ideally, he’ll be doing the same for you. If neither of you is being vocal, you can encourage each other by asking if you’re doing things the right way. These things take time, but practice always makes perfect.

Focus on His Head

Oral sex isn’t as difficult as many people imagine it to be. However, if you feel like you’re just not hitting the right spots, you might be focusing on the wrong part of the penis altogether. It’s not all about gagging and deep-throating until you pass out. Sure, that might feel good and be sexy to some, but think about the nerve-endings again. You won’t find them at the base of the penis, and they are the area you should be stimulating.


Most nerve endings can be found at the tip of the penis (or the head). This is where you want to be most of the time. Sure, you’re more than welcome to stimulate the shaft with your lips, tongue, or hand. Still, you should never forget about where your focus should be.


If you want to help your partner have the time of his life, stick to stimulating the head the best way you know how. There are various things you can do. When you pair them up with exploring his entire body and other things you’ve learned here, you’ll find that pleasing your partner is much easier than people make it seem. So don’t be shy and go for it!


The role of “the pleaser” is often given to men, which means their pleasure is pushed aside. Sure, they aren’t left without orgasms, but we’re sure men would like to be treated as well as they treat their partners. Next time, take the initiative and show your partner just how deserving he is.

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