Qualities That Makes a Good Latex Clothing

PVC and other types of plastic are not the best materials for creating clothes, but on the other hand, they bring variety to the fashion world and in some cases are very convenient and practical.Plastic products are very cheap and easy to manufacture, which is why it is more profitable for fashion brands to create plastic bags than leather ones, especially since the movement of various vegetarians and animal advocates is gaining strength and winning new and new supporters who will be happy to buy plastic clothes and accessories.

Of course, all this is nonsense, plastic clothes do not save rare species of animals, and the environment is more harmed than natural, but today we will not open our eyes to those living in the power of delusions. There are different Types of latex clothing and their usages for you.In any case, plastic has undeniable advantages over natural materials. For example, rainy weather, which so often happens in London and St. Petersburg, will give full effect to the merits of plastic clothes and accessories.

If you wish, you can assemble a finished image of plastic by buying clothes, shoes and a handbag, and then you are not afraid of any rain! In addition to rainy weather, bags and shoes made of various types of plastic will be a great solution for visiting the beaches. It is also featured in Cosmopolitan how someone became a clothing designer.

In the near future we will see a lot of new clothes and accessories made of plastic. 3D printers are becoming more accessible and more perfect, thanks to which, more and more people will be able to try to realize their creative ideas. Take a look at www.laidtex.com for more PVC clothing.

One of the fashion trends in 2018 is plastic

Therefore, fashionable catwalks and our wardrobes began to fill clothes with PVC. The most luxurious brands in their fashion collections offer skirts, dresses and other clothes made of PVC. For example, the popular brand Balkan shows plastic clothes in its new collections on the most successful models. And in glossy magazines you can find enthusiastic reviews that are called PVC by the new material of the space era, as well as high-tech and futuristic material.

Clothing brand Balkan, like many other brands, really looks very fashionable and beautiful. In some cases, overalls, skirts and dresses made of PVC, look no worse than the products of patent leather, so they can successfully replace it for animal lovers and vegetarians. However, today “Fashion” offers you to figure out how this material is high-tech and can help save nature.

A bit of history

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is not futuristic and not high-tech. He is the oldest type of plastic, which appeared almost two hundred years ago. The first samples of this material were obtained in 1835. And all this time polyvinyl chloride has been used in various fields, including the fashion industry.

Skirts, dresses and other plastic clothes are not new. This fashion trend was already present on the catwalks. However, it is now very popular to abandon natural materials such as fur and leather. Fashion trends offer to take care of animals and about the future of our planet.

We have nothing against the clothes of their PVC, but you should know that this is not the most practical clothing, which, however, has its charm and helps in creating fashionable images. However, buying clothes made of PVC is wrong to believe that you care about nature. Even clothes made of genuine leather, especially cotton and linen, are more harmless to nature than things made of PVC.

At all stages of its existence, plastic causes great harm to nature. And it begins with the production, in which toxic substances are formed. However, the most important problem that is associated with the use of polyvinyl chloride is that it is very difficult to dispose of. In case of incomplete combustion, PVC forms toxic compounds and carbon monoxide.

In addition, much is said about the fact that recently even water pipes are not made of polyvinyl chloride, but of polypropylene. And only sewer pipes are made of PVC. Therefore, you should not assume that when you buy clothes from this material, you care about nature. This trend benefits only manufacturers, because plastic things cost a penny, and can bring a good profit. 

To acquire or not to acquire?

  • PVC clothes are not practical; they are afraid of direct sunlight and cold. Some additives changes in plastic can compensate. For example, sometimes manufacturers use reflective dyes.
  • Plastic items at all stages of their lives will harm nature, from their production to disposal.
  • At a very small cost, these items are sold at inflated prices, especially if they are accessories or clothing from fashion collections of famous brands.

The latest fashion collection of the brand Balkan, of course, is beautiful. However, to buy or not to buy things from plastic, you decide. It may be worthwhile to buy clothes made from leather and wait until truly new and eco-friendly materials appear. After all, it is completely unfair to call plastic, which is almost two hundred years old.

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Minor repairs can be made using a cement-rubber solution slightly diluted in a cement-rubber diluent; Coleman camping fuel can also be used as a thinner with cement-rubber. Spread the latex to be repaired on a glass or plastic surface. Make sure both interior surfaces are clean and apply a thin layer of the mixture to both interior surfaces. They roll up a little, it’s normal. Wait about 15 minutes. Join both surfaces carefully. Clean the excess mixture with a little thinner by first applying it to a soft, clean cloth. Apply another layer of cement-rubber solution to the inner part of the pieces you have just joined. When dry and flat, apply a small piece of lira or spandex or nylon stocking with some cement-rubber solution on one side. If you still have an old piece of latex from an old garment, it’s even better! Use powder or polish to remove excess glue before storing or wearing the garment. Wait 24 hours before wearing.

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