Carnelian yoni egg Experience During Pregnancy

You gave birth vaginally and your perineum is in poor condition? So you have very pleasant problems of urinary leakage at the limit of incontinence, sexually you do not feel much pardon darling. In short, you do not feel glamorous, sexy, or woman, or pretty, it’s a disaster. Do not be scarred by words.

However, rest assured; it is still possible to turn to natural solutions to address this problem of size perinea size or rather tonicity in fact.

Perineum, yoni egg and childbirth

To do well, experts strongly recommend you buy yoni eggs. That is to say a natural stone egg that you insert into your vagina. The stone brings you energy and if you do exercises you will find a more toned perineum. No more urinary leaks and hello orgasms! You feel better and your husband is more than happy. Also know that many women say that their loved ones, in the broad sense, will feel a real difference. This means that you will radiate happiness and assumed femininity. It makes you want, does not it?

Choose your yoni egg.

If you know the benefits of yoni eggs, it’s normal that you want one. Indeed, these eggs were made initially to re-muscle the perineum of new mothers, today the use is different and if it has kept its original purpose it also serves as an intimate toy.

Do not choose a yoni egg on a whim because each material brings different virtues such as pink jade that brings soothing, quartz softness, amethyst transformation, tiger’s eye strength and interior other precious stones still.

Choosing to find a more fulfilling sexuality and a life of woman at the top can go through a yoni egg. Yoni comes from the Sanskrit word meaning vagina.

Popularized overseas by celebrity blogs, the yoni egg is a natural stone egg (it’s important to specify it) that is worn in the vagina, by session, helps to find a toned perineum.

How to choose a yoni egg?

A yoni egg, as you can see on the websites, is a jade, quartz or obsidian egg. It exists in 3 sizes, to see according to the state of your perineum. Then, take some time to tame the egg, learn to slide it inside and do some activities to make it muscle perineum. You will quickly make the difference in your intimate life but also every day.

On a spiritual level Yoni represents femininity – or Sacred Feminine – feminine sexuality, energy and confidence in her recovered body. Yoni Eggs connect the woman to her body, allowing her to be tamed or reclaimed. On a physical level Yoni Eggs are used to strengthen the pelvic floor and the perineum. They are ideal to use after pregnancy, childbirth, to curb small urinary leakage for example.

Teenage girls can also use them to trust their transforming bodies. They allow finding an emotional and physical stability. Yoni’s Eggs are companions for women of all ages, at every stage of their lives.

Read this article to know more about how Yoni eggs represent feminity.

Which size to choose?

Most of our Yoni Eggs are sold in packs of 3 sizes. This allows you to use each Yoni Egg step by step.

How to use Yoni Egg?

Yoni eggs are inserted into the vagina. They do not have to be very big for that. Eggs made of too large crystals would be difficult to hold in place because of their weight.

On a spiritual and mental level, the Yoni Egg can be used by all women who are looking for the re-appropriation of their body, their femininity, their sexuality. It is also useful for women who have experienced traumatic episodes in their lives and who prevent them from being completely comfortable with their body, their sensations, or with their partner. (Transition to adolescence, hormonal change, virginities, abuse)

You can choose the Yoni Egg you prefer and insert it into your vagina. The ideal is to lie down and leave it, time to relax or meditate with the egg. Some women prefer to sleep all night keeping their Yoni Egg in place.

At first, if you are uncomfortable with the idea of ??putting a Crystal Egg inside your body, in this intimate place, you can start by appropriating it yourself by meditation while holding it in your hand or by putting it on your lower abdomen, directly on the skin preferably. On a physical level, Yoni’s Egg is used to regain the muscle tone of the pelvic floor. You can start testing Yonis eggs of every size and start with the size you are most comfortable with.

For example, the bigger one will be harder to hold in place because of its weight, and the smaller one will help keep the pelvic floor in constant tension precisely because of its small size.

At first, you can start using the Yoni Egg a few minutes at a time. Then, the ideal is to do sessions of 15 to 30 minutes a day, while standing. You can go about your usual business. If the egg does not hold up early, do not worry! It is precisely by the constancy of the exercises that the musculature will be strengthened.

How to choose the stone, the crystal that suits you?

Each semi-precious stone or crystal has specific effects in litho therapy. The yoni eggs sold on trusted online stores are of different sizes that can be divided into three groups: small, medium and large, which corresponds to a height of 30, 40 and 50mm.

The size of your vagina will determine the size of the egg or balls; obviously, the bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. It is necessary to feel it physically to work the muscles but not if you want to work only with vibratory energies of the stone (in meditation for example).

Large: this size is indicated if you have a large vagina, simply, and you can not feel the medium size egg. It is also indicated in case of relaxation of the perineum, for example when:

  • You can not feel or contract your vagina anymore.
  • You suffer from urinary incontinence: you have leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze; you often need to go to the bathroom.
  • You have difficulty emptying your bladder.

An exception: If during reports, the “woman on” position causes you to have lower abdominal pain, choose an egg or smaller balls to avoid pain. Practice the exercises diligently to tone your muscles and prevent the uterus from descending further.

Medium: this size fits most women.

You get to contract your perineum but you feel like it could get better. You master the size “big”.

Small: eggs of this size are barely larger than a tampon and most women cannot feel them, at least not at first. An egg of the size “small” is used in the following cases:

For vaginal meditation the goal being to feel and work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, you do not need to feel the egg on the physical plane – on the contrary, it would be rather embarrassing.

You have a good command of the “average” size and you want to push the exercises even further with the “small” size.

You suffer from vaginismus. You are virgin.

Here are speckled obsidian eggs 30, 40 and 50mm high.

What stone?

You can choose your stone based on the descriptions provided on each product page, to work on a given problem or solve a specific problem.

Each stone is associated with one or more zodiac signs. If you choose a stone that is associated with your astrological sign, it will reinforce your positive characteristics in relation to your sign. But you can of course choose a stone associated with another astrological sign than yours.

You can also choose according to which chakras it is associated with, to work on the chakra in question and / or to strengthen its links with the root chakra since this is where you place the egg. In general and in case of doubt, trust your intuition and choose the stone that attracts you the most, simply. This is the one you need. Get your own yonieggs now!

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