How To Use A Vibrator For The Most Intense Orgasms Of Your Life

Fall in love with your vibrator — again and again.

Learning how to use a vibrator is incredibly enjoyable, and a great way to explore what you enjoy most in the bedroom. This tutorial on using a vibrator will teach you exactly how to use your vibe on yourself when you’re alone as well as with your man during sex.

1. Find the best vibrator for you!

The first thing to realize is that owning a vibrator is completely normal. In fact, when I surveyed my students, over 55 percent of them reported owning one. So the last thing you should think is that owning or using a vibrator is somehow taboo. It’s not. It’s completely normal.

Not only is owning a vibrator normal, but it’s pretty darn cheap, too. While you may see “rabbit” vibrators and the Hitachi vibrator being sold for up to $100, you can pick up a simple battery powered vibrator for as little as $5 online and have it shipped discreetly to your home.

2. Once you have a vibrator, it’s time to get to know it.

Before you start using your vibrator during sex, you should start off by using it on yourself. This way, you’ll know exactly how to use a vibrator it for maximum pleasure.

Start by turning it on and playing around with the settings so that you can get an idea of how intense it vibrates. If you’re already turned on, then you’ll notice how pleasurable it feels just holding it in your hand while it’s vibrating.

3. Use it to bring yourself to orgasm.

You should find somewhere quiet, where you aren’t going to be disturbed. Make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable and suitably turned on. Different people need to do different things to turn themselves on. Some need to watch porn, some need to read some erotica or a romance novel, while others need nothing more than their imagination. The key is doing what you need to do to get aroused. Don’t rely solely on the vibrator to turn you on.

When you find yourself aroused, it’s time to turn on your vibrator on a low setting, then run it gently over your body. Don’t feel that you need to go straight to your most sensitive regions with it just yet — instead, pay close attention to what feels enjoyable and pleasurable.

You’ll notice that different areas of your body respond differently to it. In certain areas, it will feel too powerful and it will be more irritating than pleasurable. This is totally normal, all you need to do is turn down the intensity, while other areas will require a lot of vibrations to feel enjoyable.

4. Experiment and focus on what feels good without worrying about reaching orgasm.

Eventually, bring the vibrator down to your groin area and start running it over yourself and pay close attention to what feels best. In a way, you will now be teasing yourself with the vibrator. If you then want to increase the pleasure, you can start bringing the vibrator closer and closer to your clitoris. Many women report that direct contact with the vibrator on their clitoris is painful, so you may want hold it a little bit away from any sensitive areas.

If you follow all these techniques, reaching orgasm should be incredibly simple.

5. Add a vibrator to your and your partner’s sex life.

A vibrator is a great way to keep sex hot, especially if you usually have trouble reaching orgasm through penetration alone.

Just keep it beside your bed so that you can quickly grab it to help yourself out while having sex.

Using the vibrator on yourself is the obvious choice, but don’t forget that you can also use it on your man too during sex or foreplay. You can gently run it over any part of his genitals and he will enjoy it. But, don’t be surprised if you find your man climaxing in less than a minute when you use it on the top part of his penis.

One of the best positions to use your vibrator on yourself during sex is doggie style as you will usually have one free hand, but do experiment with other positions too to see what you personally enjoy the most.

6. Use your vibrator to put on a show for your man.

Remember, guys are visual. That’s why they like porn after all! So, turn the lights right down and just do what you normally do when you’re on your own.

You might find that your man doesn’t feel like he’s “enough” for you if you are using a vibrator during sex. So if you can tell that your man is feeling weird about it, just let him know that it’s not him. Explain to him that the ability to reach orgasm during sex varies massively from woman to woman. Let him know that you’ve always had trouble and that the {{ vibrator is just something to help you “get over the line.”

Some guys can be pretty dumb about this, even after you explain it to him, so don’t expect this to work with every guy.

The last important point to make on learning how to use a vibrator is that you need to make sure that you don’t become dependent on it. If you use your vibrator every single night, then your body can change and eventually you will only be able to orgasm using a vibrator … Making sex a “meh” activity.

3 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Use a Vibrator

Vibrators are no longer taboo. Many women want the pleasure they deserve. Research shows that at least half of women in the United States have used a vibrator. Why? Women who have used a vibrator report better arousal, more desire, and more orgasms and pleasure than those who have not.

Are you still not sure if it is for you? Here are 3 reasons we think every woman should use a luxury vibrator:

Easier Orgasms

If you have trouble having an orgasm, the most efficient shortcut is to try a vibrator. Why? Because the sexual response mechanism in your brain is made of two parts: a sexual “GO” button (the Sexual Excitation System, or “SES”) and sexual “STOP” button (the Sexual Inhibition System, or “SIS”).

The “GO” button responds to everything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, or think is sexy. The “STOP” button responds to everything you see, hear, smell, touch, taste, or think is “potential threat” — like fear of perfomance, fear of perfomance consequences or even poor body image.

Getting to orgasm is only pressing the “GO” button and resisting to push the “STOP” button.

Vibration from a toy is much different than using a finger: it never gets tired, uses just the right amound of pressure and speeds and doesn’t complain.

Some women feel that there is something wrong with using a vibrator because they or their partner believes that they should have an orgasm without an object to help them. However, a vibrating toy never gets tired, can hit all of the right spots, and has the right amount of pressure that only is achieved with a vibrator.

Who came up with that rule?

As long as it feels good, who cares what gives you pleasure? A vibrator is the means to the end. It does not define you as a good or bad person.

Let’s not forget that orgasms make you healthy. From improving circulation to the organs in the pelvic cavity to boosting the immune system. Plus, orgams help you sleep and make you look younger. Who doesn’t want that?

Tip: If you struggle with orgasms or have never had one — and research indicates that about 1 in 6 women hasn’t had an orgasm (or isn’t sure if she’s had one) by age 28 — start slow. Find a toy that is small, discreet and gives you lots of vibrations and speeds like the Minna Limon. Another great vibrator if you have never had a vibrator is the Afterglow Vibrator, which takes you through 4 stages of sexual response cycle.

Vibrator Myths

1. Can you get addicted to your vibrator? NO! When a person is really addicted to something, they develop a tolerance or go through withdrawal. This does not happen when using a vibrator! A vibrator provides pleasure that you can get used to, not addicted to. Once someone has found something that hits the spot every time, they don’t want it to stop. Do you blame them? So switch it up! Try a different vibrator or sex toy.

2. Can you get numb from using a vibrator? NO! Most women — 80 to 90% — report no side effects at all, and nearly all of the effects women do report last less than a day.

3. Will your vibrator “replace your partner”? NO! Vibrators are enhancements to pleasure and sex — not replacements. Vibrators don’t love you or rub your feet or do the dishes. If your partner is threatened by your vibrator, all you need to do is list all the things you get from your partner!

4. Is something wrong with you or your partner if you use a vibrator? NO! A vibrator can do things that you or partner can’t do. Just because you need to use a vibrator to orgasm, does not mean that something is wrong with you or your partner. Plus, using a vibrator does not make you one of “those” people. It makes you a person who values your pleasure.

Pleasure Is A Birthright

The only job of the clitoris is to produce pleasure. There is no other part of the body that solely has that job of pleasure. Since it’s there, USE IT!!

Additionally, many women feel guilty for having or wanting an orgasm. Where is it written that women can’t enjoy pleasure? Orgasms are NOT just for men.

Vibrators are not for everyone. However, the only way you will know if a vibrator is right for you it to . . . TRY ONE! You spend more on makeup or food or whatever you like then on something that will bring them pleasure again and again.

10 Top Reasons to Use a Vibrator (Even If You’re Married)

More than half of women and nearly half of men have used a vibrator as part of their sex play, according to a blog post by sex educator Cory Silverberg.  That’s compared to only 1% of people way back in the 70’s (but I’m guessing most people lied, using a vibrator back then would have been considered completely embarrassing, worse than having a bra strap show).

What is it about vibrators that make them so much fun?  Well, everyone has a different reason for using them.  It is interesting to note that a lot of couples that I see in my practice don’t use vibrators, even though many fit the most common demographic according to Xandria (white, Christian, Republican women).  I find that many people fear that a vibrator will replace intimacy in the bedroom, but that’s just not true.

If you’re in the group that has never used a vibrator, or if you need some inspiration to dust off the one hidden in your bedroom drawer, here is some inspiration in my top 10 list:


  1. Vibrators feel good.  Vibrators tickle the nerves and build great tension in the genitals, which feels fantastic when it is released.
  2. They are efficient.  If a woman (or man, for that matter) feels a little too tired but still wants to have pleasure, a vibrator can help get the job done without much effort.
  3. They help a woman understand her body.  Stimulation with a vibrator can help a woman figure out just how much stimulation and where she needs it to have a good orgasm.
  4. Different types can help someone explore all sorts of orgasm.  There are vibrators for clitoral, G-spot, and anal play.
  5. Vibrators are fun.  They come in literally all different colors, shapes, and sizes.
  6. Vibrators can help a man explore his genitals, too.

A man can use a vibrator on the underside of his penis to help him become erect or to have orgasm.


  • Vibrators can spice things up.  It can be fun to watch your partner use a vibrator or have your partner control how the vibrator is used on you.
  • Vibrators add more intense stimulation that some people either like or need in order to have orgasm.
  • Curiosity is another good reason to try a vibrator.  Why not?
  • A vibrator can make intercourse more fun.  With a man from behind position, a woman can easily use a vibrator on her clitoris.  Or try one of the new vibrating rings, worn on a man’s penis and designed for mutual pleasure.


Lastly, neither partner should feel threatened by the desire to bring a toy into bed.  It’s just that–a toy–and it will never replace the warmth of a close, caring relationship.  But, if you’re single, it’s a pretty damn good second!

What’s a Rabbit Vibrator & Should You Buy One ASAP?

This iconic vibrator made its first appearance in a Sex and the City episode in 1998. Since then, nobody talks about it without mentioning the famous characters from the show. In the well-known episode, Miranda recommends the Rabbit vibrator to Charlotte while Samantha jokes about its name. Still, the Rabbit becomes so powerful that Charlotte doesn’t want to leave home because she enjoys it so much. Finally, Miranda and Carrie drag her out of her bad to put a stop to her addiction.

So, what’s a Rabbit vibrator? It’s a dual-action vibrator which allows penetration and clit stimulation simultaneously. Those two options put a smile on women’s faces and provide a variety of possibilities. Hence, 20 years later, the Rabbit is still a star.

A lot of women require both penetration and clitoral stimulation in order to climax; the Rabbit does both. Even though most pleasure comes from the clitoral stimulation, internal pressure feels good too. Many women seek this combination in order to achieve an orgasm.

The Rabbit is a phallic-shaped vibrator; in addition, it has a little arm, called the Tickler, which protrudes and is sometimes shaped like a real bunny. Inside the shaft, there are encapsulated pearls which allow the shaft to rotate. Some women find all of this a bit overwhelming, and that’s fine. Some newer models include less-intense options, without the protruding Tickler or the pearls. That might be a better choice for beginners.

Since the Rabbit is a bit big, some women find it hard to use, or they even feel intimidated by it. Sexologists recommend practicing with some basic tools – that is, your hands – before you rush and purchase the Rabbit. Fingers are also great for vaginal penetration. You can use a small vibrator or your fingers to stimulate the clitoris at the same time. Consider your hands an entry-level Rabbit.

When you feel like you are ready for the real Rabbit, take your time to explore your body with it. You can do it either with your partner or alone. Take baby steps if you are intimidated by all the features it provides. You don’t even have to insert it straight away. Try out stimulating different parts with different speeds of vibrations. Rub it on any place where it feels nice (your breasts are great for this).

Vibrations from the Rabbit could feel wonderful if you are up for that. If not, it can feel like too much. It’s best to insert it without the vibes the first time; that will feel much more comfortable. Also, don’t forget to use the lube; it will keep your parts from becoming sore. Keep in mind that the user manual doesn’t recommend using it for more than 20 minutes at a time.

It doesn’t matter if you like Charlotte or Miranda better; what matters is that the Rabbit might be great for upping your sex routine.